Week 296

Happy Thursday! On Monday Apple released Beta 6 of Xcode 11, and we’re getting closer to the traditional Apple September event where they announce the new iPhones. No official news about the date yet, as far as I could see, but the rumours point to September 10th. In the meantime, there’s still time to look into that dark mode support 😉.


  • Adding Advanced Features to your Network Stack in Swift, by @plivesey453
  • Implementing the Data Access Object (DAO) Pattern on an iOS App, by @SasmitoAdibowo
  • Modular Architecture in Swift, by @bataleandro
  • Understanding Reference and Value type, by @soulchildpls
  • Xcode Instruments usage to improve app performance, by @twannl
  • The power of Environment in SwiftUI, by @mecid


  • ChartView – displaying charts effortlessly , by AppPear
  • Tangerine – Swift µframework for fetching images 🍊, by @peres
  • HackMan – a simple tool for generating boilerplate code directly via the command line, by @maccosmo
  • ZippyJSON – A much faster version of JSONDecoder, by @michaeleisel
  • AutomationTools – iOS UI testing framework and guidelines, by @justeat_tech


  • Developers mentoring other developers: practices I’ve seen work well, by @GergelyOrosz



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